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I am so happy that you’ve found your way to my FaceBook group and this website! 

My name is Wanda Klomp (Yes, I am Dutch and therefore forgive my sometimes bad use of English words). I am a professional dog groomer, turned Doodle specialist, turned Doodle Transformation Coach & Healer, because I also am a woman empowerment coach & healer. Even though I was raised by a groomer who specialized in Waterdogs (that have very tangle prone coats) and trained to be one myself…as soon as I started working with Doodles, I knew that something was different and something else was needed.

Because I am a highly sensitive, highly conscious woman I look at life differently then most people do (you can read more about that in my free e-book) and so when customers started to ask me if I could teach them how to groom their Doodle in the same natural, fluffy way I groomed the Waterdogs, I not only saw an opportunity to leave my mom’s salon and set up my own business combining my grooming expertise with my life coaching skills (I didn’t know about my other talents back then). I ALSO saw the chance to use this to help empower women by providing a service that was unique in the world. This was the start of DoodleComfort in 2011. And it has been a bumpy ride since then, throwing me into an inner journey of personal and spiritual development. The Doodles brought me back to living from my heart again (in stead of from my head) and that’s what I want you to experience as well, because I am 100% positive that there are no coicidences and that if you have a Doodle in your life, it’s there for a Higher reason. And because it’s coat needs grooming that’s the perfect opportunity to find out what that higher reason is 🙂

If you want to learn how to trim your Doodle YOURSELF in the natural, fluffy way that you love (and think that’s what EVERY Doodle should look like instead of being shaved short). Because you either have negative grooming experiences, or your Doodle is highly sensitive and therefore reacts extra intensely to stimuli. Because your Doodle is insecure or anxious. Or simply because you think it would be a great way to connect with your Doodle strengthening your bond with it, based on mutual trust, respect and teamwork. And you want to empower yourself by increasing your natural INTERNAL Self leadership… the DoodleComfort online Total Doodle DIY grooming course teaches you everything you need and much more!

Because I notice that many people prefer personal guidance when learning to trim, rather than using a very accessible online training course; because they are often unsure whether they can do it themselves, because they fear that the videos are unclear or the quality is substandard and because they are often afraid of doing the wrong thing or hurting their dog (which many highly sensitive owners fear, because they are so empathetic), I have done everything I can to make my online Total DIY Doodle grooming course in such a way that all those doubts are unfounded.

1. I hired a special production team at the time and filmed for no less than 3 days to not only make the videos as complete as possible (so that you not only learn the trimming part, but also the washing and drying + optimal use of the pet blower, how to pluck the ears, cut the nails, etc., so that you become REALLY self-reliant)

2. I was a very difficult customer and really directed the cameraman to film me in such a way that you can see everything clearly (resulting in many repetitions until he got it right 😉

3. Because I had seen so many grooming instructional videos that were really sub-par in terms of image quality and instructions, I didn’t just have mine made so that it is as if I am standing next to you giving instructions. I also had additional tips added to the videos.

4. For that reason, I also spent days at the production team’s office checking and adjusting the video edits, because a production team really has no idea what a good grooming course entails 😉

Not only do I guarantee that everyone can learn to groom their Doodle with my online grooming course so you don’t have to spend money on a live grooming workshop. Chances are very likely that that you will be MUCH BETTER AND CHEAPER OFF, while you most likely:

A. Learn MORE (because personal grooming workshops often only last a few hours, with several breaks in between, so you often only learn the trimming part (neglecting the basics like de-tangling and prepping the coat) and not in the most natural, fluffy way, thus leaving you with tangles that are not dealt with.

B. Learn BETTER (because instead of having to do everything on the spot, you can choose to FIRST watch the entire video to get the broad picture, after which you start working STEP BY STEP, while keeping the videos at hand on the grooming table .

C. Learn in a MORE SUSTAINABLE way (because through the many repetitions and ability to watch the videos again and again, you can keep on improving your newly learned grooming skills. While after doing a live grooming workshop you often do not receive a manual or reference book (let alone video’s) and you forget half of what you’ve learnt after a week.

Even IF you would STILL want to do a grooming workshop somewhere for your own peace of mind after a while, the online step-by-step instructional videos are still the perfect reference to continue brushing up on your skills and perhaps even complement the other grooming methods you learn to forge your own natural grooming style.

No brainer!

Unfortunately, I have noticed that DESPITE the above points, many owners STILL cling to the idea that following an online training course is DEFINITELY NOT sufficient to learn how to groom properly. And I understand that, because for most people it’s SEEING THEN BELIEVING. After all, why spend so much money if you don’t know what to expect?

SO… I have decided to lower that threshold for you so much that you can’t help but feel that purchasing the online grooming workshop is a no brainer and an enrichment for your Doodle and for you!

Below I have added 3 FREE videos that are part of the online grooming workshop.
This way you can see for yourself how the videos are recorded and constructed. And you get a little taste of what it’s like to work with your own Doodle. Like a mini DIY grooming course 🙂

Have fun trimming and choose how to proceed afterwards by clicking one of the buttons below!


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