3 Techniques to keep your white curly Doodle tangle free

Each Doodle coat color and coat type has its own specific properties and therefore requires a different form of maintenance.

The white Doodle coats in particular deserve extra attention.

For those who don’t know this yet: white Doodle and Water Dog coats are the most maintenance-sensitive coats available! The lighter the coat color is, the more porous the hair and porous hair tangles more quickly and is much more fragile than smooth or coarse hair.

This has something to do with the skin producing less fatty acids needed to provide the hair with a natural protective layer. The fluffier and thinner the hair, the less prone to tangles the coat is. Therefore, the most easy to maintain Doodle coats are wavy fleece coats (but those are the ones we don’t see very often)

We DO see many white curly fleece coats however and especially, the more curly wool coats have a soft, fluffy underlayer that is very prone to tangling.
Especially in humid seasons you are more likely to encounter mats in the fur of your Doodle. 

If you have a white puppy or adult Doodle, use these 3 tips to make it easier to keep the coat tangle-free.

1. Use the proper brush

The thicker and woollier the coat, the stiffer the brush bed must be to reach the skin through the coat. The more needles the brush has, the more grip in the coat and the more grip, the more effectively you are able to brush your Doodle.
Most dog brushes sold by regular pet stores however do not only lack the stiffness to brush effectively, the needles are ALSO far too short; causing you to brush over the tangles, as it were. The more resistance you feel while brushing, the more effectively the brush works, because you feel can the brush brushing through the coat, instead of just over the surface. Efficient brushing with the proper brush will save you a lot of tangles.

2. Use a pet dryer

When woolly, porous hair gets wet and dries in the air, it acts like a wool sweater that you put in the washing machine: the wool sticks together and develops into felt in no time. Therefore, it is essential to separate the hairs while drying. You can do this by brushing the coat while drying with a handheld hairdryer, but this takes a long time and you would need a special dog hairdryer, because one made for humans is far too hot for the sensitive dog coat and skin. There are other disadvantages as well that I won’t adress here, but let’s just say that there is a much better way! By using a pet dryer you kill two birds with one stone and get the job done much faster. The warm setting of the blower blows the hair dry and the blowing force separates the hair, so you’re done immediately and it’s easier to keep the coat tangle-free. Warning in advance: make sure you first get your Doodle used to using it, because as higly sensitive beings they can get anxious or scared if you use it on them for the first time.

3. Thin the coat regularly

You cannot simply brush out the woolly underlayer in the coat. Thick, dense hair is more likely to tangle than loose, fluffy hair. By regularly thinning the coat with the right chunking shears you keep the hair airy and loose and tangles at bay.

Use these three techniques in parallel and success is assured!

Now you know a bit of the “what” of basic Doodle coat care. 

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Enjoy your DIY Doodle grooming experience!

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Lots of Doodle love, Wanda en Joy

Doodletrimster Wanda Klomp

Hi, I’m Wanda, Doodle grooming expert & Self empowerment coach/healer and this beautiful Barbet, called joy, is not only my greatest zen master, but also my fluffy right hand for 13 years. When I was the first specialized Doodle groomer in the Netherlands and I developed the very first grooming workshops for Doodle owners and wrote the very first online information about Doodle coat care back in 2011, I did not yet know that setting up DoodleComfort would turn into a journey of personal, spiritual and ultimately unity consciousness development for me. Through the necessary life lessons I have learned that DoodleComfort is not so much about practical coat care, but what learning to DIY groom their Doodle brings to Doodle owners. Through the connection with Doodles and Water Dogs (especially Joy) and all the clients I have had the pleasure of working with, I have been brought back to my true highly sensitive, highly conscious Self. Although I am still in my head a lot (which is probably the intention given my soul purpose), the Doodles have opened my heart, reactivated my intuition and brought me back to my home on Earth, in mySelf…and that’s what I  wish for you as well. That is true DoodleComfort! 🙂 That is why I have made learning to DIY groom and trim your Doodle according to the DoodleComfort shaping method (naturally fluffy trimming, without shaving) as accessible as possible for you.

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