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Dear Doodle Transformer,

Thank you for purchasing one of my products. I hope (and trust) that it will bring you and your Doodle a lot of comfort and joy!
Because I started this company 12 years ago with the intention of getting as many owners as possible worldwide to at least take on the basic coat care of their Doodle or Poodle mix breed THEMSELVES (because of all the benefits that this offers, which you will now also find out), I want to ask for your help.

If you are enthusiastic about the product you have purchased and think other Doodle owners could also benefit from it, I would like to ask you to share that enthusiasm with them.

You would probably do this anyway, but now I would like to ask you to become an official DoodleComfort ambassador so that I can reward you, because TOGETHER we can help even more owners and their Doodles!

How does it work?

By registering as a DoodleComfort ambassador using the form below, you will receive a personal code that you can share with other Doodle owners. Every time someone enters YOUR CODE at checkout, 20% of the purchase price will automatically be deposited into the bank account number you entered! (you will be assigned your own admin environment, where you can view and keep track of your earnings).

Just like that, out of gratitude that you referred that person to my website (or told them about my services, which caused them to look up the website themselves :-). I notice that I feel more and more resistance to how the current social (money) system works. Not only do I want to generate more small flows of money for myself with cheap, short training courses that make ALL THE difference for grooming your dog. I also want to start a kind of pay it forward movement, in which Doodle owners (who encounter the same problems as you have) help each other to give their Doodle the best care. And that in a way that makes it accessible to everyone and is a WIN/WIN for everyone!

This way you make others happy with your code, while you benefit a from 20% cash back on your account, so that after a few referrals you will have your full purchase amount back in your pocket. And it doesn’t stop there, because you can continue to share your code afterwards: you receive money with every new customer! Isn’t that a bonus in these expensive times?

How do you become an ambassador?

All you have to do is fill out the form below so you can register as a DoodleComfort ambassador.

This ensures that you have access to your own online environment where you can enter your bank details and view and keep track of all transactions (of all the customers from whom you receive money). This gives you your own extra form of income that you can make as big as you want.

And it works on all products. So not only on the Tangle Tackle training, but ALSO on the digital book and the Total grooming course. Isn’t that great?

Why do I need you?

The benefit for me is that I will obviously sell more introductory training courses, but above all that more Doodle owners will find my website. Because more and more Doodles are being sold (which is very nice for the owners in question), but unfortunately the coats are NOT becoming less maintenance-sensitive. And you can use your code to ensure that fewer Doodles have a negative first grooming experience 🙂

So I’d love to work with you and hope to set a new trend: Doodle owners working TOGETHER for a tangle-free Doodle world! The aim is to get as many Doodle owners as possible to learn how to get and keep their Doodle tangle-free and fluffy!

Does this make you as excited as I am?

Then register NOW and spread the word!

Joy and I (and many Doodles around the world with us) are forever grateful!


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