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DoodleComfort teaches you how to easily keep your Doodle tangle-free and fluffy YOURSELF, and how to take the well-being of your Doodle into YOUR OWN hands. As a first step towards a better life for your Doodle AND for you. This way, you can give YOUR dog the necessary care and your bond will become even deeper. Moreover, it is incredibly fun to do and YES, you can do it too, all by YOURSELF!

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Who am I?

My name is Wanda Klomp and I am a woman empowerment coach. As a Highly Sensitive, Highly Conscious, Highly Gifted woman, Doodle Grooming Expert, Self Re-memberer and soul magic activator, I help other Highly Sensitive, Highly Conscious and Gifted women to free themselves from their mental, emotional, spiritual & physical stress, to re-member their true Self and activate their soul magic so they can live their soul purpose (because I feel that is the Higher purpose for every HSP).

Although you were born as an HSP, those qualities and gifts were never recognized in me by the people around me and I had no clue myself (other than knowing that I was DIFFERENT from the rest). I can now see that I have been wandering through life half asleep, making choices from my mind that did not suit me, until 12 years ago I was pushed by a higher force (that’s what it really felt like at the time) to become a pioneer and set up my Dutch DoodleComfort business, teaching women to groom their own Doodle or Water Dog in a natural, fluffy way. Although for the FIRST time in my lifelong search I felt “YES, this is what suits me!” this was only the beginning of a turbulent life with more searching and even more self-sabotage (because the journey back from head to heart is often accompanied by many hurdles and bumps; you will definitely hear my life story at some point, because it is a fascinating journey (and the starting point of Innerpower Healing, my soul purpose company).

Although I immediately knew that DoodleComfort was not actually about coat care, it cost me years of personal and spiritual development to discover what DoodleComfort is REALLY about (including the necessary frustrations, because my Life coach Self was in conflict with my groomer Self). Even though I was trained to be a life coach and that was my true passion, I felt that I FIRST had some important life lessons to live through, before I was able to help other women with theirs. So in the meantime I felt forced to be a groomer (who I never wanted to be, even though I was trained to be one and it came so naturally to me, because it was in my blood). DoodleComfort is about helping you and other women HSP Doodle parents like you, get out of your head VIA YOUR DOODLE, back into your body, to reconnect you with your true Self, to re-member who and what you are essentially. and re-activate your soul magic, so that you can live YOUR soul purpose.

Because if you are (consciously or unconsciously) an HSP, you YOURSELF have chosen your Doodle as the perfect mirror and your soul mate for Self-remembrance. And especially if you are still living from your head (like most of us who grew up in this patriarchal, capitalist society), handling teh grooming and health care of your Doodle yourself is the perfect tool to look at your life differently through your Doodle. Through trimming (what I call active meditation) you automatically open your heart (by using your hands and touch), causing you to start feeling again (which is the 1st step towards reconnection with your soul). So by transforming your Doodle into the best version of itself, you automatically transform into the best version of your Self.

And if you become the best version of yourself, you can do what you came here to do and we can heal the world together. How ambitious does that sound? 🙂 That is why it’s my mission to teach 100,000 owners worldwide how they can at least keep their Doodle tangle-free, as a 1st step in that Self re-connection process. Because I don’t believe in coincidences (and you as an HSP owner probably don’t either). If you have a Doodle, it has something to teach you and chances are you already feel it. You just have to find out what that is and I promise you that will happen as soon as you start learning to groom him according to the DoodleComfort grooming method (because as you do something, you do everything and your Doodle will automatically respond to the energy that you unconsciously radiate, with all the lessons that entails). And if you have a Doodle and are an HSP, you feel, just like me, that current society is not at all geared to the special needs of highly sensitive beings. Time for transformation!

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A strong dog/owner relationship begins on the grooming table.

Become the Coat & Care Expert of your own Doodle or Poodle Mix breed dog.

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