"Transform your Doodle, transform your life."

Wanda Klomp

Become the Grooming & Care Expert of your own Doodle!

I will teach you how to easily keep your Doodle tangle-free and fluffy YOURSELF, and how to take the well-being of your Doodle into YOUR OWN hands. As a first step towards a better life for your Doodle AND for you. This way, you can give YOUR dog the necessary care and your bond will become even deeper. Moreover, it is incredibly fun to do and YES, you can do it YOURSELF!

A strong dog/owner relationship begins on the grooming table.

Become the Coat & Care Expert of your own Doodle or Poodle Mix breed dog.

Do you also feel overwhelmed and want to know how you can help your Doodle NOW? Choose how you can take the 1st step towards a tangle-free, fluffy life for your Doodle TODAY.

Who am I?

My name is Wanda Klomp and I am all about empowering women! As a life coach/healer and specialized Doodle groomer I founded DoodleComfort 12 years ago to teach owners how to groom their Doodle themselves in a natural, fluffy way. When it was never about just grooming and coat care to me, it took me years of running this business and spiritual growth to come to fully understand what I was really doing. I was getting women out of their comfort zones, empowering them by not only teaching them new skills, but also making them look at their Doodles in a whole new way. A way that enriches their lives even more. Because I feel that Doodles are special and I am eager to show you just how special they really are, in ways you never would have expected. 

By learning how to groom your Doodle yourself, in the natural, fluffy look you Love, you not only become selfreliant in grooming, but you also learn to connect with your Doodle in a whole new way, strengthening the bond with your Doodle and re-connecting with nature and your true Self through your Doodle. 

Because I believe that Doodles are here for a reason, and if you own one, you probably already feel that. So let me I invite you to a whole new world of Doodle joy and exprience what Doodle Comfort really is all about!

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