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DoodleComfort teaches you how to easily keep your Doodle tangle-free and fluffy YOURSELF, and how to take the well-being of your Doodle into YOUR OWN hands. As a first step towards a better life for your Doodle AND for you. This way, you can give YOUR dog the necessary care and your bond will become even deeper. Moreover, it is incredibly fun to do and YES, you can do it too, all by YOURSELF!

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Who am I?

My name is Wanda Klomp and I am a Self empowerment coach & soul magic healer. I help Light workers, changemakers and other Highly Sensitive, Highly Conscious and Gifted power women to heal themselves from their mental, emotional & physical stress, so that they are free to live their soul purpose. As the Doodle Transformation coach I teach Doodle owners to use the HSP traits of their Doodles and literally transform their Doodle’s wellbeing (inner & outer health) to help transform themselves and their lives.

As an expert in Self-sabotage, I have experienced how closing off our feelings during our early childhood not only leads to closing off our intuition, emotions and true Being (everything that makes us humans so special), as a result of which we then appear to move trhough life being half asleep, seaching for what we have lost. But how this unfortunate start in life makes us live from our heads, allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by other people (our own parents, school, so-called experts, leaders, the media and actually the entire society). These people convince us that life is limited and difficult and that only if if you stick to certain rules and adapt to masses, you have a chance at “happiness” (but without access to your heart you can’t possibly feel what really makes you happy). Later in life (often after a long process of personal development and experiencing your hidden child pain in the form of loss, illness, trauma, etc.) do you start to realize how much you have lost your joy (the connection with your heart). And how much you have started to live according to other people’s standards and rules. How unnatural life actually is and how unfree you actually are.

Because I had lost the connection to my Self I spent half of my life sleeping en suffering from all kinds of Self-sabotage until Divine intervention 13 years ago pushed me to become a pioneer and teach owners how to DIY their own Doodle in a natural, fluffy way. Where initially I was euphoric, because for the FIRST time in my life I felt that I had finally found what suits me, this turned out to be the beginning of a second phase of Self-sabotage (because the way back to connecting with your Self is never free from the usual bumps, obstacles, wrong turns and multiple detours)

Although I knew at the time that DoodleComfort¬† wasn’t actually about coat care, it took years of personal and spiritual development to discover what DoodleComfort is REALLY about. Namely to get you, as a consciously or unconsciously HSP Doodle owner, just like myself in recent years, to USE YOUR DOODLE, to get out of your head, back into your body and heart. helping you reconnect with mother Nature, your true Self and bring the joy back into your life (not the joy that you experience with your mind which often looks like materialistic quick fixes, but the innocent, free, playful joy that you felt in your entire being as a child).

Because your Doodle IS that pure joy and the perfect heart opener. And therefore the perfect mirror to bring you back to YOUR joy. We humans are essentially all highly sensitive and intuitive beings and you have consciously or unconsciously selected your Doodle as the perfect mirror and soul mate for that Self-remembrance. So, especially if you still live largely from your head (like most people), taking care of your Doodle’s grooming and health by yourself is the perfect tool to transform your Self and your life by learning to transform your Doodle! Through DIY trimming (what I call active meditation) you automatically open your heart (by using your hands and touch), which brings you back to your feelings (your joy and therefore your soul). So by transforming your Doodle into the best version of itself, you automatically transform into the best version of your Self.

And if you become the best version of yourself, together we can bring joy back to the world and heal the Earth ūüôā That is why it is my mission to teach at least 100,000 owners worldwide how they can at least keep their Doodle tangle-free ( by using the Tangle Tackle training), as a 1st step in that pocess of re-membrance. Your Doodle came into your life to teach you something. And there is a good chance that you already feel that. You just have to find out what those lessons are.

The DoodleComfort¬† Doodle Shaping method will help you reconnect to your Doodle in a way you have never done before. And if you are ready to learn how to use your Doodle as a mirror for your own inner imbalance (which is what any kind of stress is), I will ALSO teach you how you can heal yourself and your life, using your Doodle (as a guide, coach and guru) and transform your Self- sabotage (in whatever form you are currently experiencing this) to a life full of “infinite possibilities”! DoodleComfort at its best!


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A strong dog/owner relationship begins on the grooming table.

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