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Empower yourSelf through (transforming) your Doodle

Why do you, as a Highly sensitive dog owner, want to learn how to trim your Doodle yourself?

Is it because you want to save a lot of money on grooming costs? Because you have heard negative stories about how some Doodles are groomed or maybe because you’ve had a bad grooming experience yourself? Is it because you consider your Doodle to be your best buddy, you want to give him the best possible care, and you want to do as much with him as possible YOURSELLF, hoping to develop a stronger bond together? Or is it all of the above?

As an HSP, I know that you don’t just want to learn to trim your Doodle and you certainly don’t want to learn to shave him (because as an HSP you feel what that does to your Doodle and how he reacts to environments and people that do NOT carry the right energy). But… do you also dare to step completely OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, stretch yourself, challenge yourself and make the necessary investments in time, money and energy (because that is the only place where true transformation lies, not in the “easy way”) to want to learn how to trim your Doodle so that it always looks its best, with that , beautiful, cuddly, fluffy signature Doodle look. The way you think EVERY Doodle should look? But also in such a way that you can easily keep it tangle-free and fluffy by YOURSELF?

Then you’re in the right place!

DoodleComfort teaches you how to professionally trim your Doodle in the natural, fluffy look you that you love. So your Doodle always looks like the way he looked like as a pup: like a big living teddy bear….as the first step towards your new DoodleComfortable life.

What do you mean: as the FIRST step?

Because there is so much more to a Doodle than just coat care (because if you are a mirror, then you are so in as many areas as possible, to reflect as many social imbalances as you possibly can;-) And as an HSP you have already realized that (and if not, I will help you see that). Their health and sensitivity ALSO need special care and if YOU choose to tackle these challenges YOURSELF and view them as opportunities to to sense your dog EVEN better and strengthen the bond EVEN further, while using your Doodle as a mirror to look at your OWN patterns and well-being and thus increase your SELF-leadership. you can transform your Doodle (and his life) AND IMMEDIATELY your own life too! This way your Doodle really is your soul mate!

Your Doodle’s health

If we can believe the veterinarians, dog therapists, naturopaths and the many Facebook groups, Doodles are very susceptible to diseases and medical ailments. JUST LIKE HSP HUMANS ARE. What most people do not know, however, is that their often insecure, stimulus-sensitive nature can ALSO be the basis OR a consequence of health problems. The regular solutions (which often present themselves in the form of special diet food, antibiotics/pills, Prednisone or other chemical anti-itch agents or symptom fighters) are often ONLY aimed at temporarily preventing discomfort and NOT aimed at detecting and removing the root cause. As a result, the problem often returns in the longer term to a worse extent (because the immune system is undermined) AND on top of that, many Doodles ALSO react to the unnatural foreign (toxins) substances in their system. Which makes perfect sense, because they are still fully in touch with Mother Nature and cannot explain away or ignore their feelings like we can. So their system responds immediately to anything unnatural. But of course veterinary medicine and the animal industry are not focused on that. That is where HSP owners come in to bring about the transformation there too.


Not only is there a better, natural way to deal with this. This also gives you as an owner the opportunity to learn more about health and illness in general (because illness never arises from nowhere) AND to immediately apply this knowledge to your own life and body.

This way you heal yourself while you heal your Doodle. How magical is that?

Your Doodle as your coach

Why is your Doodle in your life? Have you ever thought about that? And why did you choose a Doodle and not a Labrador or Maltese Lion? You may think that this had to do with the anti-allergenic properties of the coat, the cheerful, open character or the cuddly, fluffy coat… but if you feel deep down, you know better. You and your Doodle have a soul connection. He is here to help you, as HSP woman, with the things you encounter in life, things that are not yet in balance within you. And which are preventing you from living your life the way you REALLY want and feeling how you WANT to feel: confidently and unhindered in doing and being what makes YOU happy. Because life is not meant to be difficult and hard, it is meant to be able to play and freely create whatever we want. But most of us don’t feel that way yet and your Doodle is here to help you. Because if anyone embodies freedom, it’s your Doodle. He is your guide, coach and guru. And if you are someone who is averse to coaching, therapy or self-help, your Doodle will give you a leg up to easily explore who you are, what you are capable of do and how you can transform your life in such a way that you DO live your dreams. This can be in the mental area, physical area (which is always based on mental problems), spiritually, financially, creatively… privately, in love, work or in your own company. Everything in your outside world is a mirror for your inner well-being (ALSO and especially the well-being of and interaction with your Doodle) and when you are ready to discover TOGETHER with your Doodle who you essentially are, what brings you here  and what life awaits you, I am ready to guide you on the most exciting and valuable journey of your life. Together we will break through all the blockages that prevent you from fully standing in your light, living your soul purpose and creating a life that really suits you.


This all starts with optimal coat care. And because it is my mission to teach at least 100,000 Doodle and Oodle owners worldwide how they can easily keep their dog tangle-free for the comfort of their dog and as a 1st step in reconnecting with your true self through your Doodle, I want to lower the threshold as much as possible for you.

That is why you can choose from 2 options, which you can read about below.

Have you already done a DIY Doodle grooming course once?

Great! Then you have come a long way! But…
As part of that course, did you also get access to step-by-step instructional videos or a manual, which you can grab if you forget certain things over time? Or that enables you to sharpen and improve your new skills?

And… have you ALSO learned the most important 3 skills to easily make and keep your Doodle tangle-free?
If not, THEN I also recommend that you read what my online training courses entail. Because access to this information will make your life SO MUCH easier (and the trimming so much more fun and dare I say more beautiful 😉

Are you excited to start learning?

Discover which course is the right match for you

Online DIY grooming courses

1. Online Tangle Tackle Introduction course FROM $147.00 NOW for just $47.00!

This is the best introductory workshop if you want to learn how to do the basic grooming yourself. You will learn how to keep your Doodle tangle-free in a stress-free, painless, and natural way, so you can solve the biggest problem of Doodle grooming (tangles & mats) by yourself, WITHOUT shaving and WITHOUT ugly scissor bites. It's also the best introduction course to see if grooming your Doodle is a right fit for you, without spending a lot of money right away, while learning the most vital skills. THIS UNIQUE INTRODUCTORY COURSE IS A MUST FOR ANY DOODLE AND OODLE OWNER!

Labradoodle trimtafel

2. Online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course "Learn how to trim your doodle in a natural looking, fluffy way in 7 steps

In this online course, you will learn step-by-step through clear, close-up videos how to beautifully and fluffily trim your Doodle from head to toe in a natural look that best fits his bone structure so that he always looks his best. This includes washing and drying and the use of a water blower. It also includes a step-by-step video on how to trim the ideal, fluffy Doodle head. These high-definition instructional videos are the backbone that makes DoodleComfort unique and has helped hundreds of owners. Start TODAY and become the FurExpert of your own Doodle!

Online dog/owner healing sessions

Dual healing sessions

Does your Doodle suffer from mental (over stimulated, hyper active, insecure, anxious or scared) or physical dis-ease? Chances are that he is reacting to your energy. Often times when I share this vision with customers, they recognize some symptoms in themselves. As long as your energy is out of balance, your Doodle will pick up on that and mirror that imbalance by showing symptoms of dis-ease. The DoodleComfort dual healing sessions are focused on the both of you, so you and your Doodle will heal sooner and better. Intrigued? Then quickly find out how this works.

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Didn’t you come here to find a solution to your Doodle’s coat problems?

Well, if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere, because DoodleComfort is built to help you take your Doodle’s wellbeing into your own hands, STARTING with an optimal coat care!

To prove that to you I have developed a special LOW PRICED introduction course that will teach you to tackle the biggest Doodle coat care problem: tangles & mats, in the best, easiest, natural, painless, stress free and especially WITHOUT shaving in 3 steps! Teaching you unique skills (that most groomers DON’T know and use) that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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