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Transform your doodle, transform your life.

Why do you want to learn how to trim your Doodle yourself?

Is it because you want to save a lot of money on grooming costs? Because you have heard negative stories about how some Doodles are groomed or maybe because you’ve had a bad grooming experience yourself? Is it because you consider your Doodle to be your best buddy, you want to give him the best possible care, and you want to do as much with him as possible YOURSELLF, hoping to develop a stronger bond together? Or is it all of the above?

And do you just want to learn how to trim him, or maybe even shave him completely? (sorry, then this is the wrong place for you) OR do you dare to step out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, challenge yourself and learn how to trim your Doodle in such a way that he always looks his best, with that typical, beautiful, cuddly Doodle look that you think EVERY Doodle should have? But also in such a way that you can keep him easily tangle-free and fluffy YOURSELF?

Then you’re in the right place!

DoodleComfort teaches you how to professionally trim your Doodle in the natural, fluffy look you that you love. So your Doodle always looks like the way he looked like as a pup: like a big living teddy bear….as the first step towards your new DoodleComfortable life.

What do you mean: as the FIRST step?

Because taking care of a Doodle involves much more than just grooming. Their health and sensitivity also need special care, and if YOU choose to tackle these challenges YOURSELF and see them as opportunities to further strengthen the bond with your Doodle, AND to use your Doodle as a mirror to also look at your own patterns and well-being, you can transform your Doodle (and his life) AND IMMEDIATELY your own life too! Who ever thought your Doodle could be so much more than just your best buddy. This is why it’s my mission to teach 100.000 owners worldwide how to at least keep their Doodle tangle free themselves, without shaving!

But… it all starts with optimal coat care. So, to make that start as accessible and easy as possible for you, I developed a few options for you to choose from.

If you want to learn how to trim your Labradoodle, Oodle or Water Dog, like a fluffy puppy without shaving or making it look like a poodle, there are two ways to go about it.

1. Low-threshold and inexpensive option:
You start with the Tangle Tackle online introduction workshop to first learn to get comfortable with the basic (and most vital) grooming skills, experience if DIY grooming is for you and then decide if you want to continue learning.

2. Fastest, most comprehensive, but more expensive option:
You purchase the online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course to learn the entire trimming process at home, at your own pace.

You can choose both options included with the necessary tools. to be fully ready. Either way, you’ll end up with the same beautiful result, Because 12 years of giving Doodle grooming workshops has taught me one thing: anyone can learn to trim their Doodle in the way they love!

So let’s take the plunge together and start your new DoodleComfortable life!

1. Online Comfort & Care Introduction workshop

In this unique online workshop, you will take your first strides in grooming, trimming and caring for your Doodle, TOGETHER with other Doodle owners , making it easy and safe. In just one week, you will learn everything you need to know about optimal coat care and natural health for your Doodle, so you can make informed decisions for your dog's well-being. With the grooming trial lessons, you will even experience what it's like to use a pair of scissors, stepping safely beyond your initial hesitation while sharing your experiences with fellow Doodle enthusiasts. How fun is that? THIS INTRO WORKSHOP IS A MUST FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A DOODLE!

1. Online Tangle Tackle Introduction course SPECIAL SUMMER DEAL: FROM $147.00 NOW for just $47.00!

This is the best introductory workshop if you want to learn how to do the basic grooming yourself. You will learn how to keep your Doodle tangle-free in a stress-free, painless, and natural way, so you can solve the biggest problem of Doodle grooming (tangles & mats) by yourself, WITHOUT shaving and WITHOUT ugly scissor bites. It's also the best introduction course to see if grooming your Doodle is a right fit for you, without spending a lot of money right away, while learning the most vital skills. THIS UNIQUE INTRODUCTORY COURSE IS A MUST FOR ANY DOODLE AND OODLE OWNER!

Labradoodle trimtafel

2. Online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course "Learn how to trim your doodle in a natural looking, fluffy way in 7 steps" SPECIAL SUMMER DEAL: now from $497.00 for just $247.00!

In this online course, you will learn step-by-step through clear, close-up videos how to beautifully and fluffily trim your Doodle from head to toe in a natural look that best fits his bone structure so that he always looks his best. This includes washing and drying and the use of a water blower. It also includes a step-by-step video on how to trim the ideal, fluffy Doodle head. These high-definition instructional videos are the backbone that makes DoodleComfort unique and has helped hundreds of owners. Start TODAY and become a FurExpert on your own Doodle!


Online professional DoodleComfort Groomer's Course: for owners who love nothing more than spending their day with Doodles and are looking for the perfect career switch by starting their own dream business as a specialized Doodle groomer who also knows everything about Doodle health.

Do you love Doodles? Would you like to have them around you every day and would you prefer to make a career switch to become a full-time or part-time specialized Doodle groomer? And not only to take care of their fur, but also to give advice to owners on natural health for their Doodle? Then go check out my unique professional grooming course.