Who is DoodleComfort?

I am Wanda Klomp, and this is my 11-year-old Barbet (French Waterdog, ancestor of the Poodle) Joy, who has been my fluffy sidekick and personal life coach since the start. And I am the Doodle Transformation Coach.

As a professional life coach and energy healer, I help women transform their lives, stop sabotaging themselves, and bring joy, flow, ease, and abundance into all aspects of their lives, freeing them mentally and physically to experience life as it should be: not less than Paradise on Earth.

As a professional groomer specializing in Labradoodles, Waterdogs and Poodle mix breeds, I teach owners how to easily keep their dogs tangle-free and fluffy themselves, transforming their Doodles into the best, most beautiful version of themselves.

As a certified Natural Dog Health Consultant, I help owners transform the physical and mental health of their Doodles, preventing allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, and other diseases caused by chemical agents. I also teach them how to handle the sensitivity of their Doodle, often expressed as anxiety, uncertainty, restlessness, and overstimulation, caused by those same chemicals.

Since 2011, when Doodles first became popular in the Netherlands and there was no information on Doodle coat care on the internet (as trimming had hitherto been done only by professional groomers), I saw an opportunity to combine my life coaching skills with my grooming expertise by giving grooming workshops to owners. As most owners had never had a dog before, they were often unaware of optimal coat care, so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to help them not only strengthen the bond with their Doodle based on mutual respect, trust, and teamwork but also increase their natural leadership.

Fast forward to now: during the last 11 years of working with owners while also working on my own personal and spiritual (and business) growth, I realized that helping owners become self-sufficient in their Doodle’s coat care is just one aspect of what I call “DoodleComfort” – a new way of looking at life through the eyes of your Doodle. There is so much more, and it would be a missed opportunity not to explore that.

I believe that Doodles are here for a reason – as fluffy angels on Earth. Not just to help us see life differently, but to guide us in learning our life lessons (which are different for everyone), help us reconnect with our true selves and with nature, and transform our lives. So we can build our paradise on earth – a natural healthy life full of joy, ease, flow, abundance, and freedom. Because we all have it in us to live that way. In fact, it is our birthright to do so. We just need to be guided by our Doodles.

Learning how to groom your Doodle into the best version of itselve is the first step in transforming his AND your life. It means taking responsibility for yourself and your Doodle, striving for nothing less than mastery, stretching yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, investing in yourSelf and your Doodle (in terms of energy, time, and money), and growing so that you become the best version of YOURself. And when you become the best version of yourself, your life cannot help but change for the better. And the DIY grooming is just one part of it. There is so much more and I am eager to show it all to you. Prepare for your life to become magical!

I am here to guide you through this process. Starting by teaching you how to groom your Doodle into the natural, fluffy look you love.

Are you ready to transform your life and that of your Doodle?

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