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What are we going to do?

Hi, I’m Wanda, Doodle Grooming Expert, or as I like to call myself, the Doodle Transformation Coach, because Doodle Comfort is so much more than just optimal coat care. 12 years ago, I started giving the first grooming workshops for Doodle owners and sharing information about Doodle coat care online because nothing was available at that time. Nowadays, there is SO MUCH information out there by SO MANY different “experts” that Doodle get confused on what to do and how to do it.

That’s why I’ve come up with something fun!

Every month, I organize a special online Doodle Comfort & Care Introduction Workshop to help you improve the well-being of your Doodle or Poodle mix breed and to experience what it’s like to take the grooming and health of your dog into your own hands.

This not only increases your understanding of what your Doodle needs and boosts your confidence to take on the task of becoming a beginner Coat and Care Expert for your dog. By the end of the week, you will also know exactly what YOU need to make informed choices for the well-being of your Doodle.

How does it work?

Once you register through the payment form below, you will be redirected to a special page where you can find some introductory information, the link to the online learning platform, and the contact details for the WhatsApp or Messenger (depending on where you live) group, where you can introduce yourself and your Doodle, ask any pressing questions, and sign up.

On the first of every month, you will receive access to the Introduction Workshop via the link, and for five days, you will receive a lesson each day about how to improve the condition of your Doodle’s body, meaning how you can keep him happy, healthy, and tangle-free all by yourself.

During the week, you can post photos, make comments, ask questions in the group, and most importantly, share your experiences with other “Doodle Doers”.

On the last day of the week, we’ll have a Q&A call where you can ask any questions you may have, share how taking the well-being of your Doodle into your own hands has worked for you using my tips and tools. Plus, I’ll offer you a completely free, special, attractive, one-time deal to help you take the next step, without any obligation.

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How to proceed?

I am hoping to get as many Doodle owners as possible!

So you have the opportunity to share your experiences with lots of different people and learn from both them and me.

For the lowest workshop price ever!

So sign up now, share this link ( with other Doodle and Poodle mix breed owners via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Let’s have some fun while you learn how to give your pet the best care!

Click on one of the buttons to go to the payment form, leave your details there, and after payment, you will immediately get access to the starter page. I hope to meet you soon in the group!

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Didn’t you come here to find a solution to your Doodle’s coat problems?

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To prove that to you I have developed a special LOW PRICED introduction course that will teach you to tackle the biggest Doodle coat care problem: tangles & mats, in the best, easiest, natural, painless, stress free and especially WITHOUT shaving in 3 steps! Teaching you unique skills (that most groomers DON’T know and use) that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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