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This is your first step towards more DoodleComfort in your life and the life of your Doodle! To guide you further, I have something special for you...

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Because it is my mission to teach at least 100,000 owners worldwide how they can easily keep their Doodle free of tangles, out of comfort for their dog and as a 1st step in reconnecting with their true self through their Doodle, I have In addition to the one-off super discount on the Tangle Tackle training, some other goodies for you. I used to send automatic emails introducing you to the different aspects of DoodleComfort, but because that started to feel like spam, I stopped doing that to give you a more personal experience.

I also previously sent people to my Doodle and Oodle Self Grooming Facebook group where I regularly posted tips & tricks, but because of all the restrictions there I decided to set up my OWN Doodle Transformers community. You can only make decisions once you have FIRST experienced whether something suits you or not. So please check out the options below and I trust that if you have a good feeling about everything you get to see and read from me, you will automatically find me when you need to.

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Labradoodle groomer and Labradoodle Transformation coach

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By choosing to read the e-book via this link, you will also get FREE access to the one and only Doodle Transformation School where you will be able to learn the basics of Doodle grooming and get the full Doodle Transformers community experience for a whole week! This way I am hoping to reach as many Doodle parents as I can and help them become selfreliant in giving their Doodles the best natural care by themselves! After the trial you can choose whether you want to remain a member for only $5.00 per month with all the associated benefits, whether you ONLY remain a member of (and help build) the community for free or whether you opt for a different membership package with even more learning opportunities OR you leave strings attached! Will I see you on the other side? Click the link and go take a look!

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Didn’t you come here to find a solution to your Doodle’s coat problems?

Well, if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere, because DoodleComfort is built to help you take your Doodle’s wellbeing into your own hands, STARTING with an optimal coat care!

To prove that to you I have developed a special LOW PRICED introduction course that will teach you to tackle the biggest Doodle coat care problem: tangles & mats, in the best, easiest, natural, painless, stress free and especially WITHOUT shaving in 3 steps! Teaching you unique skills (that most groomers DON’T know and use) that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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