DoodleComfort scissors set


The only set of scissors available for non groomers, specially made for Doodles, Oodles and Water Dogs!

Thick, tangle-prone, frizzy coats require special grooming tools.
Without the right scissors there’s no guarantee that you will get that beautiful, natural trimming result you want… and because most currently available scissors (available to the public) do not work adequately on the maintenance-sensitive Doodle coats, I have them manufactured myself.

Why do the standard available scissors not work adequately on Doodle coats?

Most thinning shears available for non groomers contain 40 teeth or at least more than 30 teeth.
This doesn’t work well because:

A. The more teeth, the sooner the scissors get stuck in the fur
B. The more teeth, the longer you have to cut to achieve a good result: this will make your fingers cramp faster
C. With thick fur, the fur folds in half in the scissors, because the teeth are simply not sharp enough.

In addition, thick, fluffy coats must be thinned regularly to keep them fluffy and tangle-free. These special thinning shears should have as few teeth as possible, but less than 17 teeth is hardly available (not even for professionals)

The DoodleComfort scissors are razor-sharp, contain the right number of teeth for a beautiful trimming result and are light and easy to hold, so you do not develop RSI.

What do you receive?

  • 1 x coarse thinning shears with only 10 teeth (worth $ 135.00) to thin even the thickest coat and make it airy before trimming it (otherwise there is a good chance that you will get stuck in the fur with the comb attachments or fine thinning shears, causing you to pull painfully on the fur and skin). A must for every thick coat!
  • 1 x fine thinning shears with 30 teeth (worth $ 125), for thinner, lankier coats, puppy coats, for fine tuning the body AND all the detailed trimming work in the face.
  • 1 x medium thinning scissors with 24 teeth (worth $ 115.00), to shape the coat in a natural, fluffy way.
  • 1 x fine, small straight scissors (worth $ 60.00), narrow enough to be used as foot scissors between the soles and sharp enough to also shape beautiful full bear paws and perform all other basic care. Ideal to have!
  • 1 x silver-coloured, luxury trimming comb (worth $ 20.00) to raise the fur before trimming
  • All this in a handy, beautiful case worth $ 30.00, so that you have everything neatly at hand and can the tools nice and clean
    Although the whole set has a value of about $ 485.00, I’m offering it TEMPORARILY for only $ 425.00!, shipping included!


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