DoodleComfort Tangle Tackle set


One of the biggest reasons Doodles get matted between 7 and 12 months is using the wrong tools. Even if you already have a brush, scissors and comb, chances are they won’t work in the Doodle coat.

So invest in the RIGHT tools right away and save yourself and your dog a lot of inconvenience!

What does the professional Tangle Tackle toolset consist of?:

  • Wide Red Activet Matzapper brush (ad € 115,00): the only brush that can REALLY handle hard-to-maintain Doodle coats PLUS the only brush that can help you remove tangles and mats with less effort.
  • 10 teeth chunking shears (ad € 135,00): the only scissors not available anywhere else that help you effectively thin and demat the fur and keep it healthy and beautifully fluffy, so clipping is not necessary!
  • Small, straight scissors (ad € 60,00): razor-sharp and nice and handy to help you remove thick tangles effectively and without nasty looking scissors marks
  • Detangle tool (ad € 10,00): best-ever tool to help you remove small tangles safely
  • Wide toothed comb (ad € 15,00): the only right comb to check whether the coat is really tangle-free AND to help remove the last remnants of a tangle
  • All in a beautiful, practical purse (ad € 25,00) where you can store all grooming gear and which you can conveniently hang on the bar of your grooming table during trimming, so that you have all you need within an arms reach.With these grooming tools it is child’s play AND a real pleasure to make and keep every Labradoodle tangle-free WITHOUT using detangling spray or other unnatural means and the best of all: WITHOUT clipping! Total value of these tools is $ 360,00.
    Special DoodleComfort customer deal for you NOW is only $ 315,00 incl. shipping costs! 

    But please note: this deal will only be available for a limited time of 3 days, after that it will return to the regular price!