Dual healing

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Doodles are very sensitive! This has advantages, but can also have a flip side, in the form of medical or mental ailments, diseases or allergies.

What is often overlooked is that all dis-ease is caused by a stagnation of energy in the body. This could be your Doodle’s body, but because Doodles can’t think (and therefore can’t form self-sabotaging thoughts), it’s more likely that he’s reacting to stagnant energy in YOUR body and/or emotions that you feel but can’t express (because you are unaware of them). Your Doodle takes over your energy from an early age (just like children do) and because they are so sensitive (and they are here to mirror YOUR obstructive patterns and thoughts to you), they respond to that. Physically (via medical complaints) and/or mentally (uncertainty, fear, overstimulation etc).

Through a duo healing, the energy not only starts to flow again in your Doodle, but also in you, and doubly so, because your energy fields also influence each other. So it helps in both directions and you also benefit from it. Especially because prior to the sessions we also examine YOUR life to see where your energy is stagnating.

How magical is that? This is the true depth of DoodleComfort! 🙂

Online healing

Energy is intangible and therefore freely accessible and not bound by time or place. For this reason, the healings can easily be done from behind your laptop. As soon as you register, we will schedule the 6 Zoom sessions, each with 1 week in between. I will then email you the link to the Life and Self Scan, so that you can complete it and we can discuss it prior to the first healing session. We also discuss any other stress factors your Doodle may have, including the living environment. After 3 sessions we evaluate where we are and what is still needed, so that we continue to work in a focused manner. In the meantime, we will keep in touch via WhatsApp or Messenger about the progress and especially how the healings are having an effect in the lives of you and your Doodle.

If after these 6 sessions it turns out that more is needed (for example, only for you), then I will make an offer for a follow-up process, where the focus is more on you and your self-sabotaging patterns. We can also discuss using some natural remedies, change of diet etc (as a trained Naturopath for pets I can make a whole health plan to improve your Doodle’s wellbeing if you prefer)

Register TODAY to receive 1 session for free (pay for 5, get 6 in total) and I will contact you soon to schedule our first call.

Hope to see you soon!

PS Don’t be afraid that an online healing is less effective than a personal session. The Sacred Geometry healing method that I use enables healing over the greatest distances. Experience has proven that the energy online is just as powerful as face to face.

PPS Would you rather experience 1 session first? Then you can book a one time healing call HERE for a special introduction price!

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