Training on becoming a professional specialized DoodleComfort groomer

Then I'm looking for you!

How would you like to be able to earn your money with your own business, working as a professional, specialized Doodle groomer in your local surroundings?

To be able to set your own time, get the best customers to work with and spend your days in the presence of your favourite fluffy friends: Labradoodles!

That dream is about to come true.

DoodleComfort is looking for enthusiastic Doodle owners who don’t just want to become a Doodle groomer, but want to become the best Doodle groomer they can be. With all the skills and know-how that are distinctive for a real DoodleComfort groomer. 

This year the first international DoodleComfort professional groomer’s training will start.
With 1 on 1 guidance, you will receive all the personal attention you need to learn all the tricks of the trade and master the necessary skills to start working as a professional specialized Doodle groomer in your own business.

We start with a maximum of 6 students who want to learn all the ins and outs of the profession for the lenghts of 1 year and who want to start their own successful company under the Doodlecomfort wings. 

Is this something that makes your heart sing?

Then read on…

As a specialized Doodle and Water Dog groomer, I provide the first and only international DoodleComfort groomer’s training!

Especially for Doodle owners, like you, who love the breed and would like to find a new way of life within their greatest passion: Doodles!

This is a unique opportunity for you to specialize in the challenging coats of these beautiful dogs with their very cuddly appearance and character.

2023 is YOUR year!

This is your year!


If you’ve ever considered becoming a specialized Doodle groomer, there’s no better time than NOW!
Never have so many Doodles been bought than in the past 2 years. And still. Breeders will have overcrowded waiting lists for the next 2 years and all those dogs will soon have to be trimmed.

The dog grooming profession has always been popular, but being a Doodle groomer is the cream of the crop. Not only because they are wonderful dogs to work with (and you as owner can understand that better than anyone), also because there are still few REALLY GOOD Doodle groomers who know how to trim a Doodle as a Doodle (and not as a a poodle or anything that doesn’t look like a Doodle at all). And because most Doodle groomers are already full NOW, there will soon be a surplus of Doodles that need YOU. So if there was ever a time to completely change the course of your life, it’s NOW!

Let me introduce myself first, so you know who you are dealing with.

“I am Wanda Klomp: a life coach/healer, writer, and dog groomer, specialized in Doodles and Water Dogs.

In 2011, as the first “specialized Doodle groomer” in the Netherlands, I brought the topic of coat care to the forefront. I wanted to make pet owners autonomous in giving optimal care to their Doodles and help strengthen the bond with their dogs. I started writing websites, blogs, articles, and ebooks, posted before and after videos on YouTube, and created the first FB page for Doodle owners. Through special Doodle & Water Dog grooming workshops for owners, selling online training courses, and publishing my book in Dutch and English, I have been able to help hundreds of pet owners in and outside of the country keep their Doodle healthy, happy, tangle-free, and fluffy for the past 12 years.

I have broken down the grooming process into easy-to-follow steps, so that you too can learn how to groom your furry friend to look like the fluffy pup that you fell in love with.”

"All good things come in threes."

This training is unlike any other!

DoodleComfort is about so much more than grooming fur. It prioritizes the comfort of both the doodle and the owner. This is not just any doodle trimming course, it is a DoodleComfort doodle trimming course. In this training, you will learn more than just optimal fur care, but you will also learn to work holistically according to three principles. This not only sets you apart from other groomers but also gives you an advantage with your customers.

The 3 pillars of the DoodleComfort Doodle Groomer training.

General Coat Care

You will learn everything you need to know to give every coat the proper pre-treatment, remove and prevent mats. You will learn how to comfortably and stress-free pluck the ears, clip nails, and all other basic skills needed for every good Doodle groomer.

Shaping of the fur

You will learn how to trim every Doodle to look like a fluffy puppy again without the need for shaving, so that they always look their natural best, with correct body proportions and a head that best reflects their unique personality.

Doodle Health and wellbeing

Because Doodles are highly sensitive beings and therefor susceptible to various illnesses and diseases, you will learn everything you need to know to vue coats and Doodles on your table from a different perspective. You will learn how diseases develop and what many owners unknowingly do to undermine their Doodle’s health, so that you can provide good advice. You will learn how to recognize disease symptoms and how to give the right natural remedies to stop and, where possible, reverse the course of the disease.

This is an enrichment of the training (and your skills later on), which is completely UNIQUE in the entire world.

Who wouldn't want to spend the whole day among Doodles?

Do you enjoy your own Doodle so much that you can't imagine a better life than spending all day surrounded by these lovely cuddly wonders of nature?

Than this is your chance!


As a specialized Doodle groomer, your success is assured.
Most regular dog groomers have learned the trade on poodles and have little or no experience with trimming Doodles. The result: short-clipped Doodles, Doodles cut like a poodle or Doodles that no longer look like a Doodle, because the groomer in question does not have the right skills to keep a Doodle looking like a Doodle. However: lots of Doodle owners want to keep their Doodles as fluffy as possible!

In addition, many groomers do not know how to handle a Doodle. Not only in terms of the proper coat care, but also in terms of their HSP personality and needs.

That is why this training is NOT intended for experienced or aspiring dog groomers, but for owners who love the breed and would like to find a new way of life within their greatest passion: Doodles!

And with all the new Doodles that will populate the Earth in the near future, you as a DoodleComfort Doodle groomer have the opportunity to tap into a completely new market.

This is how you will be able to groom in a few months:

Under DoodleComfort wings

As part of the DoodleComfort team, your have an even bigger chance of success! Not only will you be in a market where there is still a huge demand for good Doodle groomers, but you can immediately use the name and contacts list that I have built up over 12 years.

In addition, during the training, I will regularly report online about the trimming activities of my students in training and carry out various promotional efforts to give as much publicity as possible to my team.

This way, you can safely jump into the deep end and leave the big work (generating customers and marketing) to me.

No need for owning a grooming salon

Have you always dreamed of owning your own pet grooming salon, but you're not keen on completing a full dog grooming course where you learn to trim all breeds, while you only really love working with Doodles?

That’s fine, because as an all-round dog groomer I specialized in Doodles & Water Dogs, because I A. found it a challenge to get those coats nice and fluffy again and B. I feel the most “at home” between Doodles and Water Dogs.

If you don’t do what makes you happy, you can’t make your customers happy either, so dealing with only Doodles works both ways. Success assured!

Especially, because I coach you in setting up your business, so that you don’t become a 13 in a dozen groomer, but you immediately seperate yourself from the masses and you can go for the customers YOU want to work with the most, with an income that makes you happy.

No idea how to get a salon?

No worries! The whole idea of ​​this attractive concept is that you can get started right away with little cost.

Curious how that works? I’d love to tell you ALL about it.

Are you already wagging your tail with excitement?

So... are you tired of your current job? Are you looking for a calling where you feel completely at home and where you'll be fully guided to become the Doodle Groomer that you know you can and want to be?

Are you ready to give your life a completely new direction and use this year to achieve your dream life, no matter what that looks like for you?

Register NOW to receive more information, and who knows, I may soon be welcoming you as a prospective DoodleComfort Doodle Groomer.

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Didn’t you come here to find a solution to your Doodle’s coat problems?

Well, if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere, because DoodleComfort is built to help you take your Doodle’s wellbeing into your own hands, STARTING with an optimal coat care!

To prove that to you I have developed a special LOW PRICED introduction course that will teach you to tackle the biggest Doodle coat care problem: tangles & mats, in the best, easiest, natural, painless, stress free and especially WITHOUT shaving in 3 steps! Teaching you unique skills (that most groomers DON’T know and use) that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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