Total DIY Doodle grooming course: "How to groom and trim your Doodle in a natural, fluffy way in 7 steps"

This online course teaches you everything you need to take the coat care & well-being of your Doodle into your own hands from now on


You have brought a Doodle into your home and enjoy its presence immensely. He is everything you wished for and more. You want to take care of him, protect him, and give him the best you can possibly offer. You do everything right and take all the steps that ensure your dog a healthy & happy life. You think grooming is a piece of cake, because your pup only seems to need an occasional brush and nothing else. In this way, a few months pass quickly, in which nothing seems to be wrong.

Until that first trimming session at the groomer’s…
After you have left your beautiful fluff ball at the groomer (both feeling a bit anxious), you count the hours until you can pick it up again. Full of expectation you get into the car “what would he look like?” “Would I recognize him?” With a pounding heart you open the door and you experience the next half hour in a blur of mental bewilderment: You are shocked as a thin, pathetic looking, trembling rat resembling creature jumps into your arms and you wonder with eyes full of horror where the fuzzy Doodle pup you were so in love with has gone?

That happy, Terrier-like, slim dog seems to bear no resemblance to your lovely Doodle child.

That’s the first blow you have to deal with. If you are then also told that you should “brush your dog better next time” you feel totally defeated.

Once at home you mentally replay the whole scenario. You take a few deep breaths in disbelief, wondering “what did I do wrong”? “Where did it go wrong”?

For the majority of Doodle and Poodle mix breed owners, the first grooming experience often looks like this: a disillusionment for you and perhaps even a traumatic experience for your dog.

The story of Linda and Noara

This was also the case with Linda who was one of my first customers with her Doodle Noara in 2011 and who, being used to grooming a Retriever’s coat, thought a Doodle coat would be just as easy, until she realized it wasn’t that simple.

“We waited too long to get a good haircut and at some point the hair got so long that it started to tangle all over. Wet weather (what a summer . . . ) and a young guest dog that was played with all day aided the process. We were warned by the breeder that the hair will become tangled at some point and that you need to keep a close eye on this because you don’t want to have the dog clipped.”

She came to my workshop with Noara, her Doodle being completely matted, learned how to get NOARA NOT ONLY free of mats all by HERSELF, in a completely painless and stress-free way (and without clipping her or creating ugly scissor marks) , but ALSO learned how to trim her like a beautiful fluffy pup again! She went home with a backpack full of knowledge, insights, skills and the right grooming with one strong intention:

“Detangling took a lot of time and effort; from now on I will put that in prevention!”

Now, many years later, Linda (just like the other hundreds of Doodle and Waterdog owners I have had the pleasure of helping through the years) still takes great pleasure in keeping her Doodle tangle-free and fluffy herself and she enjoys all the compliments she receives from the people in her neighborhood whenever she goes for a walk with Noara. Something she never expected of herself.

But Linda is not alone.

Every day I get emails from owners who experience the same thing.

And if you look in the countless FaceBook groups or Instagram, those messages reflect the same image...

Labradoodle klitten
Labradoodle klitten
Labradoodle klitten
Labradoodle klitten

For most owners and professionals, trimming Doodles is too much of a challenge

“My name is Wanda Klomp: life coach, writer and Doodle Grooming expert.

In 2011 I was the first official “Doodle groomer” in the Netherlands to put the subject of Doodle coat care on the map. I wanted to make owners self-reliant in giving optimal care to their Doodle and help them strengthen the bond with their dog. I started writing websites, blogs, articles and ebooks, posted before and after videos on YouTube and set up the first FB page for Doodle owners.

By developing special Doodle grooming workshops for owners, selling online courses and publishing my book in Dutch and English, I have been able to help hundreds of owners to keep their Doodle healthy, happy, tangle-free and beautifully fluffy.

I’ve broken down the grooming and trimming process into bite-sized chunks with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions so you too can learn how to groom your pooch yourself and tranform it back into the fluffy pup you once fell in love with.”

It is my mission to help all Doodle owners worldwide to provide their Doodle with the best care. Being able to keep the coat healthy & tangle-free yourself is the most important first step. In addition, grooming yourself is an important factor to develop a strong bond with your Doodle, increase your natural leadership and re-connect with your true self through your Doodle.

How many more incentives do you need to take the first step towards your new, DoodleComfortable life NOW?


Doodletrimmer Wanda Klomp

“Many owners come to me if they have had a negative grooming experience with someone else. They unknowingly delivered their Doodle tangled or matted, asking the groomer NOT to cut the coat too short and then received their Doodle back completely shaved with the statement that nothing else could be done.

In the past, when I still worked at my mother’s grooming salon, I sometimes got annoyed when the umpteenth Doodle or Water Dog was delivered completely tangled. Instead of shaving it short, I used to first completely demat the coat and put it back into shape. Quite a job, all the while being aware that a lot of blood, sweat and tears from ALL parties concerned, could be saved if the owners would only have the right skills and knowledge to keep their Doodle’s coat tangle-free THEMSELVES. 

As a Life Coach, however I knew I had to get to the root of the problem by teaching owners to become SELF-RELIANT in taking optimal care of their Doodle. And that’s how I as the first Doodle Grooming expert developed my online courses: as a WIN-WIN for everyone. 

I can’t wait for you to become the grooming expert for YOUR Doodle and experience all that true Doodlecomfort has to offer!

How would you like to be able to trim your Doodle all by yourself, just like Linda and all the owners who have preceded you?

To find out for YOURSELF exactly:

The DoodleComfort Total DIY Doodle grooming course offers you and your dog everything you are looking for!

As a real Doodle Doer you want your Doodle to look as beautiful, natural and fluffy as possible. A look that best suits your dog’s physique and bone structure, with a head that fully reflects your Doodle unique personality.

That and more is what I teach you in this unique course.

So that from now on, you will be able to confidently, proudly and satisfactory, filled with the right knowledge, insights, skills and posessing the right professional tools trim your Doodle YOURSELF in the fluffy look YOU love.

Not so obvious...

Yes, I know that it all sounds nice and simple: get your Doodle to look like a real Doodle again ALL BY YOURSELF. Give him a fluffy and natural look, with normal body proportions, cute bear paws, a slim neck, a nice fanned tail, fluffy full floppy ears and then top it of with the perfect head, reflecting the great and unique personality of your Doodle.  Basically make him look just like a puppy again, but one that’s bigger (and more mature). How hard can that actually be?

If you as a Doodle Doer have been around for a while, you have come to know very well that a natural, fluffy grooming look (and therefore your criteria for what a beautiful Doodle should look like) is not always and everywhere a given.

 In fact, 9 out of 10 times it is the argument why owners do my workshops.

Because why make it difficult when it can not only be much easier, but also much more fun? (and what could be more fun than working 1 on 1 with your dog and immediately enjoying the beautiful result?

This online course gets the best out of your Doodle & yourself!

Special attention for you and your Doodle​

Your Doodle simply needs special care and attention.

Not only in terms of grooming, because he is blessed with a beautiful, fluffy, curly fleece coat that you want to keep that way, but that many groomers don’t know what to do with. 

Also in terms of personality and health: many Doodles are sensitive, get overstimulated faster or are somewhat insecure by nature.

Such a Doodle does not “match” well with a busy grooming environment, where a lot happens, there is a lot of noise and distractions and where your dog is treated like a number. Your Doodle benefits most from personal attention and a quiet, preferably familiar environment. This will allow you to “read” him much better, anticipate what he needs in the moment and give him a stress-free, positive grooming experience. Besides, don’t forget about yourself! You too deserve all the personal attention and time to have a pleasant grooming experience, right?

Learning how to trim your Doodle well takes time

You don’t learn that in just 3 hours.

And certainly not in a group where you don’t get all the attention and personal guidance and where the dogs react to each other, which doesn’t help with the much needed concentration.

That is why this online course is a perfect match!. Because you can not only decide for YOURSELF when, how and for how long you want to work on your Doodle, but you can also watch all the step-by-step instruction videos through access to the online learning environment and access them while trimming. This way you can keep learning and enjoy the quality time with your Doodle and all the new skills you learn. With every step you will feel how your confidence and natural leadership are growing. In the long run you are so attuned to each other that you and your Doodle form a real grooming team!

Because we couldn’t find a groomer in our area who would trim our labradoodle puppy, we had to look for another alternative. So we came across Wanda’s labradoodle grooming course. We really liked the thaugt of just learning to trim our doodle ourselves. So we did the course with Wanda and what a recommendation that was. She didn’t just tell us how to trim properly. She also told us how we could make it as pleasant as possible for our puppy. She gives you the total package. We are very happy that we did it and therefore recommend every owner of a doodle to do it too

Jasmien Verlinden

What does this course offer you and your Doodle?

"A strong owner/dog relationship starts on the grooming table"

Did you know that taking up the grooming yourself is the best thing you can do to lay a solid foundation for a good bond with your Doodle? If you teach him to keep calm on the table and to surrender to you out of trust and mutual respect, you have laid the foundation stone for your natural leadership and your Doodle will listen to you better in all your interactions. Moreover, trimming yourself is great fun to do and a lot more comfortable for your Doodle!

Last week I received a very instructive one-on-one workshop from Wanda. After this workshop and the online instructions I received from now on, I dare to trim my Doodle completely independently… The result was great! Highly recommended for all doodle owners…

Ans Steltenpool

And what about the enormous savings in trimming costs?

A Doodle should be trimmed every 8 weeks to keep the coat healthy and easy to manage. Most owners pay about € 100.00 per session in grooming costs (regardless of whether or not the grooming was to their liking) € 100.00 every two months makes an investment of no less than € 600.00 per year. Assuming that your Doodle will live to be about 15 years old, the regular coat care of your Doodle alone will cost you a sloppy fortune of € 9000.00 per dog!

Imagine having more than one Doodle!

How nice would it be to be able to save all that money by investing once in learning how to “trim your Doodle in the fluffy puppy look you love, in 7 steps?”

Never having to use a groomer ever again. How nice would that be?

Who is this course intended for?

If you are tired of all those tangles that seem to miraculously appear overnight?

And of all those so-called experts on the internet who all give you different advice?


If you’re fed up that your Doodle or Poodle mix breed keeps getting clipped by the groomer shorter than you want.

Or getting trimmed like a Poodle.

Or as a completely different creature, that doesn’t look like your Doodle at all.

If you’ve wondered multiple times, “Where did that living teddy bear that I once fell in love with go?”

And if you are paying a lot of money every time for a grooming that doesn’t make you happy, in the hopes of getting your fluff ball back…but that irresistible coat that made your pooch so special…remains nowhere to be seen.)

Had a 1 on 1 grooming workshop at my house last week. I was already impressed during the puppy habituation course, during the grooming workshop you notice how much knowledge and skills Wanda has. With a lot of love and patience she teaches you how best to treat your dog, in my case an aus. labradoodle, how you can trim him so that the doodle snout is preserved and how you can create those beautiful full bear paws. A must for every doodle owner.

Jannie Bloemendal

This is THE course for you if...

The online grooming course is aimed at your complete self-reliance.

This works 3 ways:

your Doodle always shows its true colors on the grooming table. If you manage to get him to trust you and form a team with you, you will benefit in all forms of interaction.

What do you learn in the training?

And also...

Whatever you learn and is super important for the well-being of your Doodleog (and which unfortunately often goes wrong)...

And of course you will learn THE secret of this blacksmith...

We had to think for a while whether we would do this grooming workshop. Because it is a major investment (the workshop, but also the necessary materials). But finally decided to do this. Wanda is calm and explains everything very patiently and calmly. This made our 5.5 month old Barbet pup very calm and everything went well. I wondered beforehand how he could/want to stay on the table for so long. At one point you noticed that he actually wanted to sit down, but then we were already well done. It turned out really nice and we hope and think that next time we can do it ourselves with the help of the videos. Around 6 pm when we were completely satisfied Wanda went home again. I see so many Barbets on instagram that are not trimmed like a Barbet, that I am very happy that we chose this and now have it under control. Wanda, thank you for the nice day and all your tips and explanations.

Monique Janssen

What do you get?

This workshop was created with the intention of making you a fur expert of your Doodle. In other words: to make you 100% self-reliant* in the grooming and trimming of your Doodle, in the look YOU love.

  • No shaving
  • No poodle look
  • No other weird, experimental looks that Doodles often get

but your Doodle (Water dog or Oodle) in that gorgeous, cuddly, fluffy look you once fell in love with.

To give you a 100% chance of success, the course is made in the most practical and simple way.

How so?

You want to learn how to trim your Doodle as beautifully as possible. So repetition is key! That’s why you get 24/7 access to my step-by-step tutorial videos, so you can keep practicing and improving your skills and don’t have to worry about forgetting ANYTHING.

These aren’t just any videos: these are super sharp HD quality close up videos, so it’s like you’re looking over my shoulder as I give a Doodle with a matted fur a full grooming. It’s like I’m standing next to you during one of my private grooming workshops and giving you instructions. They only think you need to do is follow my lead on your own Doodle. From brushing the fur effectively and efficiently to clipping beautiful, full bear paws to stress and pain free plucking of the hairs in the ear canal.

I teach you to give your Doodle the body that best suits his bone structure, so that he always looks his best, in a practical, but beautiful, fluffy coat length. Including a head that perfectly reflects his unique personality. 

Content of the videos


This is what your Doodle can look like:

How can I help you to become 100% trim-reliable?

Because it is my intention to make you completely self-reliant in trimming your Doodle in the fluffy look YOU love & taking its well-being into your own hands, everything about the course is aimed at that.

That is why, in addition to access to the online instructional videos, you get:

Your Doodle forever tangle-free and fluffy: a puppy forever! How lovely is that?

6 months support

Everything in the online training is aimed at making you 100% self-reliant, so that you have the right skills AND have enough confidence to actually trim your Doodle. I know that many Doodle workshops try to teach owners how to trim their entire Doodle in just a few hours. However, 12 years of teaching workshops has taught me that it is impossible to teach you everything you need in such a short time to keep your Doodle tangle-free by yourself AND trim it into a nice, fluffy model.

Moreover, the real work (and asking questions) only starts when you get started yourself, so AFTER the workshop. Because after 2 days you have already forgotten most of what you have learned, because you don’t have an expert to guide you and because your Doodle will react differently at home than in the workshop room.

That is why I give you 6 months so that I can continue to follow you through your progress and provide coaching and feedback

Also the right tools at home right away?

If you like to have the right scissors at home right away, you can choose my scissors set worth more than € 400.00. The DoodleComfort scissors are not available anywhere else, because I have them manufactured especially and ONLY for my customers. They are razor sharp, light and give a beautiful natural fluffy trimming result. If you order the set you get a special discount AND I’ll send them to you for FREE, so you can get started right away

It was a super fun workshop where I learned a lot! Wanda works quietly and with great respect for my dog. The result was therefore magnificent! Definitely recommend!

Kristine Nauwelaerts

This online grooming workshop will bring you so much!

Not only do you learn to trim your Doodle yourself in the fluffy puppy look that YOU love so much!

It’s just wonderful to be able to decide for yourself when you trim your Doodle, how and for how long. While in the comfort of your own home.

It greatly benefits the relationship with your Doodle, because there are no distractions or interference from others.

You decide YOURSELF how your Doodle will look and what suits your Doodle best.

And think how great it is to be creative, working 1 on 1 with your Doodle and take responsibility for the health and well-being of your buddy who is always there for you and loves you unconditionally!

An Australian labradoodle/cobberdog should look like a labradoodle and not a shaved poodle. Clipping him short may be easier to care for, but it takes the character out of the dog. A reason to look for someone who understands that.
Wanda’s website spoke the right words.
I am not a person for workshops, too impatient and too skeptical “seeing is believing”.
This long morning was exhausting but great, I got a better feel for Nobel’s hair, the solutions for tangles, brushing and grooming. The tools are essential, but so is Wanda’s determination and experience. And with amazement I watched the ears plucked, little balls of fluff came loose as if they had never been stuck. Nobel enjoyed the ear massage. At the end he still looked like the beautiful labradoodle we love so much and can’t live without. In 3 months Nobel will be 1 year old, and for an adolescent male he was quite patient in his own home. Wanda really lives up to her beautiful words on her website: she does what she promises and knows what she is doing!

Henriëtte Massenvanden Brink

Which package suits you best?

If you are now eager to get started yourself, you only have to see which package best suits your needs.


The Mini package consists of all the course WITHOUT tools. This is the package for you if you already have items at home that you want to try out first or if you first want to experience what the course has to offer before you invest in the right items


The Medium package is for you if you already have a clipper and comb attachments plus all other basic tools at home and you only want to purchase the special scissors set at a discount OR if you want to learn how to work with only the scissors first or only.

What does the scissor set consist of?

  • 1 x coarse thinning shears worth € 135.00 (for thinning and dematting the fur)
  • 1 x 30-tooth fine thinning scissors worth € 135.00 (for face, puppy coat and fine-tuning an adult coat)
  • 1 x 24-tooth thinning scissors worth € 115.00 (for trimming the body and legs)
  • 1 x small straight scissors worth € 60.00 (for all the basics + shaping of the bear paws)


If you want to purchase the scissor set AND get life long access to the online e-learning environment and the Elite Doodle Grooming community for ongoing education and support! 

Had an intensive and instructive one-on-one fur care and grooming workshop from Wanda! Wanda is very involved, careful and knowledgeable and leaves a beautiful result. Very patient with dog and owner, she teaches you all the tricks and in the meantime gives many tips and background information about your dog and the care your dog needs. She knows a lot and is happy to share this with you. In short, definitely recommended if you want to take care of your doodle yourself! Her English book is a good support and handy reference work.

Sarah Heinsbroek

This is what you get when you order today:


online course WITHOUT tools
$ 397,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • 6 Months access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: 6 Months access to the online Tangle Tackle course worth € 47,00 for extra help with the basic techniques
  • 6 Month membership to the Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming


Online course with special scissor set
$ 697,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • 6 Months access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: 6 Months access to the online Ready With Klitten workshop for extra help with the basic techniques
  • 6 Month membership to the Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming
  • Special set of scissors worth over $400.00


Online course + scissor set AND lifetime access
$ 847,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • Access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: lifetime access to the online Tangle Tackle course for extra help with the basic skills
  • Lifetime membership Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming
  • Special set of scissors worth over $400.00

But I like to reward real Doodle Doers and especially fast decision makers!

So are you wagging with enthusiasm and can’t wait to learn how to trim your Doodle yourself?

If you order either the Medium or Large option TODAY, I will reward your enthusiasm with the following extras:

PLEASE NOTE: these extras ONLY apply if you order TODAY!

I can make a whole story out of it, but I say…. just do it because it’s really worth it!
You learn the tricks and dexterity in 1 day with the training sessions online to refresh. (because you get so much info)
It was really the day I was looking forward to 😘.

Monique Bays you want the best for your Doodle?

And are you looking for...

  • A comprehensive training full of relevant knowledge, insights, tools and skills?
  • Made by a coat expert who knows what she’s talking about?
  • Who can teach you to trim your Doodle really Doodle-ish and fluffy? With a head that best suits your Doodle’s personality?
  • And who does not make empty promises, but has hundreds of before and after photos and videos as proof?
  • And not to forget…
  • No more tangling!
  • Never having your Doodle or Oodle shaved shorter than you want ever again!
  • No more having your Doodle looking like a poodle or anything else EXCEPT the Doodle you once fell in love with.

Register NOW!

(and ALSO get access to the online Tangle Tackle course worth $ 97.00 as a bonus!)

Here's again what you will receive:


online course WITHOUT tools
$ 397,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • 6 Months access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: 6 Months access to the online Tangle Tackle course worth € 47,00 for extra help with the basic techniques
  • 6 Month membership to the Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming


Online course with special scissor set
$ 697,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • 6 Months access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: 6 Months access to the online Ready With Klitten workshop for extra help with the basic techniques
  • 6 Month membership to the Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming
  • Special set of scissors worth over $400.00


Online course + scissor set AND lifetime access
$ 847,-
  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • videos of previously held online LIVE workshop
  • Access to the online learning environment with all relevant content
  • Bonus: lifetime access to the online Tangle Tackle course for extra help with the basic skills
  • Lifetime membership Doodle Grooming Elite community for all questions about Doodle grooming
  • Special set of scissors worth over $400.00

I will invest 10% of your investment in a better future for the world, through a donation to the WWF. It might have made more sense to choose a charity specifically focused on dog suffering, but I believe it is in all of our best interests (humans & animals alike (not just dogs) to invest in that what gives us all life.

But the best bonus is of course that your Doodle will be super grateful to you!

Doodletrimster Wanda Klomp

What happens once you have paid?

Because many people want to start learning to trim right away, in stead of receiving only 1 lesson a week, you will receive access to the entire course immediately after registration, using a unique login code that is linked to your email address.


Are you convinced and do you want to start trimming your Doodle TODAY?

Register NOW for the online training “How to trim your Doodle in a natural, fluffy way in 7 steps”.

Your Doodle will thank you!

Even more reviews from enthusiastic customers

2022 is YOUR year!

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Didn’t you come here to find a solution to your Doodle’s coat problems?

Well, if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere, because DoodleComfort is built to help you take your Doodle’s wellbeing into your own hands, STARTING with an optimal coat care!

To prove that to you I have developed a special LOW PRICED introduction course that will teach you to tackle the biggest Doodle coat care problem: tangles & mats, in the best, easiest, natural, painless, stress free and especially WITHOUT shaving in 3 steps! Teaching you unique skills (that most groomers DON’T know and use) that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Curious to find out? Be quick because this is a one time offer! 

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