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I remember how it was when I first trimmed Joy myself. Even with years of trimming experience on other dogs, I felt nervous for the first time because it was now about my OWN dog. As an experienced groomer, I suddenly felt anxious and all sorts of thoughts were going through my head: “What if I accidentally cut her skin? What if I do something wrong and she never wants to be trimmed again?” And again: I was an experienced trimmer… SO… I completely understand if you share these concerns, because you have never held trimming scissors before. But because I know what kind of world opens up for you once you DO start trimming your own Doodle, I want to help you get over that hurdle.

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If you sign up via the form below, you will get FREE ACCESS to a few instructional videos from the online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course. Through these trial videos, you can experience for YOURSELF what it’s like to work on and with your dog AND get a good idea of what you can expect from the online trimming course.

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