Doodle Life lesson: love

On a scale of 0 to 10, how happy are you? Say the very first thing that comes to mind before you start wondering how you define happiness, because then you’ll be stuck in your head. I’ll let you in on a secret: happiness is NOT in your head and does NOT originate from there!

I should know because I’ve lived and acted from my head for most of my life and that hasn’t brought me happiness. But I’m lucky, because I am aware of that. Most people aren’t. They go through life sleeping. They live, but they don’t really live, if you know what I mean. They allow themselves to be lived: get up every day, stand in traffic jams against their will, enter a toxic work environment and allow themselves to be led from one obligation to another all day long, without ever wondering whether any of this makes them happy at all. Perhaps they settle for the money they earn and the relative comfort they can afford. But what about their desires, their passions, their joy? Do they feel it, or have they silenced it and are they appeasing themselves by satisfying their temporary needs (fed from their brain and ego and not from their heart) with external means (and/or people)? Is that what life is: a full agenda, but an empty existence? And should you only find out when you have one foot in the grave or another crisis unleashes in your life?

What about you? How consciously do you live?
If you have a Doodle in your life, there must be SOMETHING in you that has asked for it. A seen or unseen part of you that had a need…hmmm for what exactly?: for a fluffy, warm-blooded, playful, soft, cuddly living being in your presence. What was it? Can you put words to it? Or was it more of a feeling, a voice you heard whispering from deep inside? Because I bet you “thought” of this and then created it. Or was it your partner? In most cases it is the lady of the house who arranges for a Doodle to be adopted. And that is no coincidence. You may think you did it for the children and partly that may be true. But in fact we never do anything for ANYONE ELSE. As much as we might like to believe that, we are just not wired like that! Everything we do comes from within ourselves. Not because we are egotistical (although this DOES apply to certain people and certain ego needs, but not in matters of the heart). But from a deeper longing, for something we miss and would like to bring back into our lives. Something from our childhood perhaps? Something of which we can only FEEL the missing energy, but which we cannot see or interpret.

I always thought it had to do with love. Doodles appeal to our inner child, because they remind us of our favorite cuddly toys in the past. And that they may reflect the love that we have not received sufficiently from our parents. Not so much the care and attention from our parents (because there are probably people who have received enough loving attention from their parents), but the UNCONDITIONAL love that no parent can give to his/her child, simply because they are human and therefor they are conditioned. Because they too were raised by parents who were in fact raised and conditioned by the system, society and its leaders and standards and the life in which they spent their days. Because that’s what it’s like to be a being human: from small to large we grow from pure, innocent, one with everything and full of life, love, light and abundance existence. To a polluted, alien, separated, cut off, conditioned, limited, unsafe and dark existence. We feel alone, even when there are people around us, even when we DO feel loved, but as soon as we allow ourselves to be conditioned by all external influences and live according to other people’s rules, norms, values ​​and standards, we lose connection with our Selves.

Doodle love

And so we go looking, without knowing what, because those are questions that our heads have no answers to. And so begins our journey, in which we try to find a bit of individuality within the limited parameters of life. A piece of home, because deep down we “know” that it exists. Even though we cannot give it a name, no words, but there is a dormant feeling, a memory. And that remembrance is increasingly forcing itself upon us. Because life is like a boomerang. The journey we embark on does not take us to a faraway place or the promised land. It takes us back to the beginning. At least that’s what it tries to do. And often not in a nice way may I add. If we don’t listen to the subtle hints that our body (which is our vehicle on this journey) gives us, the signals become louder and louder. Until they become red flags, in the form of restrictions. Not just the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial or sexual limitations that you are already aware of and probably already dealing with on a daily basis. But a bomb attack that has an immediate impact on your life and that shakes you up (think about dismissal, bankruptcy, illness, loss/grief, addiction, getting or causing an accident): something that forces you to recognize  the inner pain/darkness that you have repressed, so that you will feel this again and can heal the roots of it.

I don’t yet exactly know when your Doodle will appear in your life. Perhaps he is there to prevent all the misery that would otherwise await you, perhaps he’s there to support you emotionally when the time comes, or perhaps you are already full frontal in it. Maybe every Doodle has a different task. I have encountered plenty of Doodles whose illness or medical condition was a mirror for their owner’s medical issues. But also those with their high sensitivity formed a mirror for the still unconscious high sensitivity of their owner. Maybe your Doodle is just a mirror for the joy and self-love that you miss in your Self. In any case, he is a heart opener and a thresshold lowerer to self-remembering. A mirror for you. Because as within, so without. The entire outside world is a mirror for your inner imbalance. You create everything around you to help you re-member who you are inside. Pointing you to the essential thing that you have lost. Because that is how our Self works. It wants to go back. Back to pure being, light, freedom. Back to the wholeness where it comes from. Back to the infinite, unconditioned space where everything just IS and nothing needs to be defined, because definition does not exist. Back to infinite love. Which is not physical, but is all around you and which you simply are. Just like your Doodle is.

Because basically it only comes down to one thing: you are the opposite of all the limitations you experience in your life. Maybe your Doodle is there to help you remember that. And to show you that ease, joy and abundance is not something to strive for in your life, but that it is part of who you are and what life is, as soon as you can open your eyes to this.
So look at your Doodle with different eyes. And see what he has to tell you. List all the events of your life and look at the red line. What is the bigger picture of your life and how does your Doodle fit into it?

Welcome to your new, DoodleComfortable Life


Wanda & Joy

Doodle Transformation coach


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