Why so many groomers stop grooming Labradoodles

Recently I saw a newspaper article that immediately caught my attention.
It was from a dog groomer who explained how difficult it is to groom a Labradoodle. Off course this is no secret to me and the newspapers have talked about this before in recent years, but this phenomenon still seems to surprise people. And the many Doodles that were sold during COVID have probably only exacerbated this problem.

When I started DoodleComfort 13 years ago, I did so because many groomers did not yet know how to deal with the tangle sensitive Doodle fur and so when the owners took them to a groomer to be groomed, most of the time they received them back clipped short and unrecognizable. Which wasn’t that strange, because groomers were not educated in these kinds of coats and at that time there was no information about Doodle coat care available on the internet yet. The phenomenon was too new and owners generally did not concern themselves with their dog’s coat care at all. Before that, they normally went to a grooming salon. But this all changed with the arrival of Doodles and I am proud to say that I saw that trend at the time and that I developed the first specialized grooming workshops for Labradoodle owners. After I started writing about Doodle grooming and Doodle trimming, this information became more and more mainstream. And you would expect that this information should be known to all Doodle owners by now… but this unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case. Causing problems for both groomers as well as Doodle owners and not to mention for the dogs themselves.

Online Labradoodle grooming course

The groomer in the article talked about how so many groomers quit their grooming salon because the work is too physically demanding for them. This has always been the case, but the many matted Doodles crossing their thresholds have further fueled this phenomenon. There are also many groomers who, for that reason, refuse to accept Doodles or even groom them at all. This may be a solution to their problem, but of course it doesn’t help all those Doodles around the country. In fact, they are worse off than ever! According to the groomer in question (I can’t remember her name) she recently got a new Doodle customer who had called no less than 20!!! groomers, before she finally found someone who was willing to take on her Doodle. Twenty groomers! I have often heard from my customers that they know people who drive miles to get their Doodle trimmed. That’s unheard of! And the solution is so simple!

If more pet owners would choose to groom their Doodle THEMSELVES, there would be no problem. Then all Doodles would receive the care they deserve and need (which is not a given at grooming salons) and they would all look like most Doodle owners think they should look like: beautiful, natural and fluffy. Moreover (and anyone who follows me knows that I have special theories about this) it will enrich your life enormously for you as a Doodle owner if you dare to invest time, energy and money into learning to groom your Doodle yourself. And I know that can be scary, to say the least, but I honestly also think that it is part of taking a Doodle into your home. Because you are the one who is responsible for the well-being of your dog (he cannot help it that he has such a tangle-sensitive coat). It also brings you so many benefits if you take care of the coat yourself. Just check my website to understand what these benefits are.

Or better yet: experience it for yourself!

I always try to come up with new things to make learning how to DIY groom your Doodle as accessible as possible for owners, because I know and experience every day that people dread spending so much money for their dog. People do spend lots of money on dog accessories, but somehow spending money on purchasing things needed for their wellbeing (like the proper food, health care and grooming) seems to be less popular. I know and experience every day how expensive life has become and how society is choking us with all it’s limitations. I’m not immune to that either. But here too, learning to groom yourself is the best solution: going to the grooming salon every 8 weeks is much, much more expensive and worse: it doesn’t teach you anything! Isn’t it much better to teach a starving person to fish than to offer him one meal? This was the idea behind setting up DoodleComfort 13 years ago: to make Doodle owners self-reliant, to empower them to be the solution THEMSELVES. Because then you will never be dependent on any external party again! That gives you so much more freedom! And your Doodle benefits much more from being groomed by the person he knows and trusts the most, in his own safe home environment, than by being groomed and trimmed by a stranger in an overly stressfull, high stimuli environment. This is a no brainer for me and it should be for you too.

Online Labradoodle grooming course

So I’ve been wondering yet again how I can contribute to this. Because I notice that many owners DO request the free information on my website (so apparently the need is there), but then never respond when I email them to ask how they liked the free information. And that’s such a shame, because I have the tools that can help you and your Doodle ASAP! I have packed all my expertise into my online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course. In such a way that everyone can learn to trim with it easily. Problem solved!
And yet people seem reluctant to purchase it, despite the 100% money-back guarantee, despite the 6 months of online coaching (which should take the edge off), despite the special community where they can get support for free, so that they never feel alone during and after the learning process. And despite my ambassador program that helps them earn free money by referring other owners who ALSO want to become self-reliant in grooming THEIR Doodle. With so many benefits: what more could you ask for?

I know that it is a big step for many owners to start working on their Doodle themselves. And you may be afraid that you will hurt your dog or even worse: cut into his skin. Let me play good cop, bad cop for a moment. I also know that anyone can learn these skills by simply using the online instruction video’s of the Total DIY Doodle Grooming course, because they are aimed at making the learning process as simple as possible and they coach you step by step to a beautiful trimming result. But I also understand that talk is cheap, so I have created something special for you to let you experience it all for YOURSELF. Because I want to start a movement in which as many Doodle owners as possible learn to DIY groom and trim their Doodle by using the DoodleComfort grooming method. So that you too can experience how easy and fun it is and how proud you will be of yourself when you see that your Doodle looks like the best fluffy version of itself whenever and wherever you go, And you did this all by yourself!  Because let me tell you: that IS something to be proud of. And I wish for you to experience that feeling of accomplishment and Self empowerment, too!

Online Labradoodle grooming course

On this page you will find 3 trial grooming instruction videos, which are part of the online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course.
I would like to ask you to watch these, put your dog on the table and use the video instructions to experience how it feels to connect with your Doodle in this way. Even through there is a good chance that you do not yet have the right grooming equipment at home to achieve great results immediately, I want you to ignore that for now. It’s about the first impression and enjoying your first emotional experience DIY trimming your Doodle.

If this experience leaves you wanting more, then I  have a special Mother’s Day treat for you: on the page you will find a code for a 20% discount on the online Total DIY Doodle Grooming course. If you have not previously purchased this training because you thought the investment was too high, I hope that this will lower that price threshold for you. I am committed to helping you provide your Doodle with the best care. Because I have the tools with which you can make a difference.

So let’s work together to make you and your Doodle’s life a little more DoodleComfortable!

This is the link: https://doodlecomfort.com/trial-videos/

PLEASE NOTE: the discount code is only valid untill Mother’s Day coming Sunday!

Enjoy the DIY grooming experience!


Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle groomer

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