What’s your and your Doodle’s nature?

This may be a completely different blog than you are used to from me, but I have something to say and you are the only target group I have and maybe everything will come together (I will come back to this later).

I was recently taking my daily walk: the 6 km walk in the area surrounding my house: a beautiful route across meadows and a stream. And although that normally does me a lot of good, because it not only helps me gain insights, but I also feel wonderfully free while walking (something that I am aware is rare in this society), in that moment I only felt sadness. The sun was shining, so I should have felt euphoric, being out in nature. But exactly THAT was what I was missing and I became painfully aware of it. Everywhere I walked I saw green. Green meadows or green brackish land. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, you might say, but that’s just it! Because I started paying attention to how many insects I saw and painfully discovered that I ended up with 2 white butterflies and 1 fly: 6 km long those were the only insects that I saw!!!! Please let this sink in, because it really pisses me off. These surroundings which  pretends to be a fucking protected nature reserve, is full of empty meadows with mainly grasses and and the few species of meadow flowers that I DID see probably don’t even attract insects.

That’s miles of tainted potential in my book! And that makes me so angry! I don’t know who owns those pieces of land, but how much effort is it to sow the place with insect-friendly flower seeds?

We forget about nature

We have done it in our own small back yard as well: the grass (which we only had so Tim could play in the garden, but before that we had a large pond full of life, which we enjoyed (we even had a grass snake visit for a few days!) was removed, the soil was renewed and we sowed all kinds of butterfly and bee-friendly flower seeds. And those flowers are already growing well. We have even made a new pond where the sand box used to be. Because we are nature loving people! As all people should be, because without nature no life can exist!

When I look around I am struck by how rare we seem to be in this. All those frontyards in the street: barely a flower in sight. And the backyards are even worse: what happened to us that we would rather throw tiles in the garden than fill it with beautiful flowers? Are we so dead inside that we can no longer appreciate or tolerate beauty? We have to be, because why else doesn’t anybody seem to feel the pain and injustice that I feel?

Labradoodle spirituality

Being highly sensitive in an ego-dominated society

Yes, I am a highly sensitive person and it took me half a lifetime to figure that out. From an early age on, just like any other human being, I have allowed myself to be manipulated into forgetting who I am and conforming to what others wanted me to be. I have become completely stuck in my head and have needed a journey full of Self-sabotage to re-member who I truly am (what my essence is). In fact, I am still very much in that position, because no matter what I try, who I am and what it takes to live in this society seem to drift further and further apart.

As a highly sensitive and highly conscious person, I seem to fit less and less in this cold, dead society. Yes, I’ll just call the nasty beast by its name. Every day I feel the thumbscrews being tightened more and more. And it is difficult to put into words something that unleashes such an overwhelming number of feelings in me. And I have not watched the news for a long time, because I do not want to be “tempted” into living in fear, as seems to be happing to so many people. I refuse to let my energy be sullied by so many negative messages (because what about the media is still positive?). The energy transition, the whole climate problem: pretending that we are all striving for a better world, while under that guise the Earth is only being plundered further, consumers are being punished for their good intentions and certain companies are only becoming richer and more powerful as a result. . Agencies that are pretending to act with our welfare in mind, but who are only looking to gain more control, more power, more wealth. Who can you still trust? At least not the governments. The burden is increasingly falling on ordinary people who are already having a hard enough time and I wonder why we all allow ourselves to be kept so small? While the big companies sneakily circumvent all imposed restrictions: soft drink manufacturers who avoid the sugar tax by adding dairy to their products, shrinkflation, need I go on? And then last week I read (I scan my newsfeed, every morning just to be somewhat informed) that a 14-year-old girl was gangraped in Belgium by a bunch of teenagers! If that doesn’t prove that we’re all dead inside, I don’t know what proof you want! If children, who are supposed to be pure and innocent, stoop to such depraved behavior, what hope is there for humanity?

I try very hard to feel the opposite of what I experience in my 3D reality. It feels like that is my mission, because ever since I became conscious I seem to be living out all the Self-sabotage of the world, all the scarcity, all the limitations…no matter what I do; I don’t seem to be able to save myself. I can’t seem to get out of that hole that I created for myself, out of not knowing. And it’s strange, because I’ve experienced the fear of poverty (which feels like dying) so many times that it doesn’t scare me anymore. And until now I have always been able to focus on the abundance that nature is (the number of blades of grass, leaves on a plant, branches on a tree, hair in a coat, stars in the sky: everything that nature is made up of consists of abundance, as if abundance is necessary to create, as if creation itself is abundance). But during that walk I could not find that abundance and that made me fear for humanity. For the first time I was less focused on the limitations in MY life, but suddenly felt the limitations of life ITSELF very intensely. Because without nature we cannot survive.

My neighbor across the street last weekend was spraying his terrace clean with a high-pressure sprayer for HOURS ON END!  Wasting LITERS OF WATER. While I hardly dare to fill Tim’s water pistol in the summer, because I feel guilty about wasting water. Because I am well aware that drinking water is quickly becoming scarce as well. And we therefore have to adapt in that area AS WELL. So last summer when I heard other neighbors filling their pool or saw another watering her garden DURING THE DAYTIME, WHILE THE SUN WAS SHINING, SO MOST OF THE WATER EVAPORATED! I can’t help but get angry and wonder: what on earth are we all doing? And I can’t be the only one who thinks this way, can I?

Selfishness at its finest

When no fewer than 2 planes flew over in a short time during my walk, my attention immediately went to Schiphol, our big airport, and how they want to build an extra flight route above the region where I am living. I was recently at a client’s home where planes were constantly flying over them. It drove me crazy! Not a moment’s rest! I don’t want to think about that happening in my own home. What does that mean for all the nature here? For the protected bird area behind our house? For the vegetable garden I hope to plant? And all the vegetable gardens on the other side of the road that I pass at the start of my walk?

I cannot understand how the government can agree to the growth of Schiphol: why on earth should we, as a small country, have such a large airport? Whose delusions of grandeur are that? And then Schiphol itself, which deviously bribes farmers to sell their land. But what about farmers themselves: how can you pretend to be a nature lover (because that’s why you become a farmer, right?) if you till your soil to death, poison your crops and abuse your livestock?).

The whole world is crooked and everyone only thinks about themselves and about acquiring even more money, even more power, even more status. And why? To feel invincible? To feel safe and free? Like Hell can freeze over, but it won’t affect you; something like that?

It’s scary to feel

Yes, there is a risk in re-membering who and what you are. In opening your heart and feeling. Because if you felt what I feel, you might prefer to sit under a rock too. I have to believe that this dark reality we see and experience is not THE reality. But that we all live through this together only to realize how urgently we all need to change! The way we think and live now is not feasible. And no matter how easy it may seem to just run around like headless chickens, ask yourself whether you are really happy with everything you have and everything you do? I have discovered that I have not felt true joy in my life all my life. I also do not believe that it is possible to experience true joy if you live from your head (intellect, reason), with a closed-off heart. Because joy (along with all other emotions) is inherent to the ability to feel. And you can’t feel from your head (although I used to think I could feel just fine, but I was especially good at TALKING about my emotions: feeling turned out to work very differently and to be much more difficult. TALKING about your feelings and wanting to EXPLAIN them is mainly a devious way for your ego to distract from feeling). If you cannot feel (and I believe that most people experience this lack, simply because we are put into the straitjacket of thinking from an early age and feeling is considered taboo, because feeling is unsafe), you cannot possibly imagine what kind of an impact your behavior has on nature. As humans we are one with nature. We ARE nature. But we have forgotten our own true nature.

Your Doodle as a mirror

I believe (and here it is) that if you have a Doodle, you are more or less aware of your true nature. Your Doodle has come into your life not only as a particle of micro nature to help you re-member the macro nature that you are and see around you. He is also a true heart opener in your life to inspire you to start living from your heart and feelings again. He is the mirror for what life can be and what humanity can be (because what would it be like to stand in the paws of your Doodle for 1 day?): that joy, that peace, that unconditional love and that natural BEING, that’something we are all striving for! I believe that if you have a Doodle then you are HSP too. To be honest, I believe that ALL PEOPLE are HSP, but not everyone has yet reached the point in their own journey to start re-membering that.

From coat care to awareness

My own journey is crystallizing more and more. DoodleComfort has been an initiation for me and I still don’t know exactly how to proceed. It is clear to me that it is about Self-empowerment, but I don’t know how exactly I can do that. Especially because I experience that most Doodle owners are not interested in me at all. With everything I’ve done and set up over the past 13 years, getting the right clients has always been a struggle. You should know that. But I felt I had to keep going, no matter how hard things were made for me, because I knew I had something to bring to the world. Now that I feel the transition from coat care to raising awareness through the Doodles You should know that. But I felt I had to keep going, no matter how hard things were made for me, because I knew I had something to bring to the table. Now that I am feeling the transition from coat care to raising awareness through the Doodles so clearly and use them as a miroring tool for SELF-remembering and Self-empowerment of their owners, I STILL cannot say goodbye.

No matter how saturated the market seems to be, I have to believe that my message reaches and touches the right people. I believe that everything has a higher reason and that everything is one. And that even the most crooked reasoning contains a core of logic, because universal truth is so much simpler than we can imagine with our limited minds. 

Out of your head, into your heart

Our body (micro level) always tells us when we are in imbalance within. However, most of us don’t recognize the subtler signals at first and need harder knocks to start listening and make the necessary changes in our lives. That’s what it’s like not to be able to feel. Mother Nature (macro level) has been giving us signals for years that she is unbalanced. Mirroring us in our collective imbalance. We are connected to Mother Nature. If we don’t learn to feel again quickly, we will sabotage ourselves into the grave. And the whole world will be buried with us.

A better world starts with us, thus with you! Not only by taking the necessary actions and putting nature at the center of your life, but especially by opening up your feelings again. By getting out of your head, back to your heart.

And if you don’t know how to do that (because we often try to think of how to do something, but we can’t think our way to feeling), maybe THAT is where I can make a difference. By teaching you how to learn to feel again through your Doodle. Learning how to DIY groom and trim your Doodle according to the DoodleComfort Shaping techniques will help you bridge the gap to feeling by connecting with your true Self via your Doodle. So that’s the first step. But if you are open to something more, like an online training or coaching, just let me know. Then I can develop a service for that.  Otherwise this blog might be a nice introduction to the book I am writing “Your Doodle as a guide, coach and guru” and to the Doodle Transformation membership I am thinking about launching. In any case, I would love to receive your response.

For now I hope I have been able to open something in you, no matter how small that may be.

Lots of Doodle love,
Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle groomer and Labradoodle Transformation coach

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